High school students were encouraged to apply for college and further their education for many years. While college is one way to excel your future, this may not be the best route for everyone. The trades are a field that will never phase out. People will always need plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians. There are many opportunities to advance your career by entering the trades. Many internships or apprenticeships are also available for those considering the trades.

When considering a new career or making a career change, it is important to think of job security. The trades have increased in job availability since 2016. More than 60% of the trade workforces is greater than 45 years old. In the near future many skilled trade workers will retire, leaving plenty of opportunity for new hires.

In our company specifically, we have two different technicians, a service technician and an install technician. There is always room for growth within the company based on different capabilities. For example, promotions and salary increases are given based on different skills that are acquired.

Working in the HVAC industry also brings along a variety of different jobs. Every day is different, every home or business you enter is different; and challenges and demands also differ. This is a great field for someone that does not like to sit inside at a desk. This industry is also a good fit for individuals that work well with others. Communication and collaboration with customers and coworkers occur daily.

Careers in the HVAC industry are also rewarding. Many times, a technician will solve a problem that is very stressful for a home owner. Homeowners are often glad to see you when you arrive, and appreciative of the work completed.

At West Allis Heating and Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality work. Not only do we guarantee quality for homeowner, but for employees as well. Our company’s goal is to aid the community and provide satisfying careers for its employees. Check out West Allis Heating and Air Conditioning’s website for more information on careers, and services offered.