Furnace Maintenance Services in Milwaukee & surrounding cities

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance is Crucial for Efficiency—and Lower Bills

Every heating manufacturer, all local utilities, and all reputable heating and air conditioning contractors know that maintenance is key to ensuring safe operation of your equipment. This service also helps the efficiency of the equipment (which means the appliances use less gas, oil, and/or electricity), and helps prevent costly breakdowns and unhappy surprises during extreme temperatures.

While nothing in this world is foolproof, it is recognized by many experts that maintenance will decrease the number of breakdowns that occur in a home comfort system.

We Maintain Them All—Oil Furnaces and Heat Pumps Included

The experts at West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning can maintain all makes and models of oil and gas furnaces. Gas furnaces are well-recognized for their fuel efficiency, comfort, and minimal impact on the environment. The vast majority of homes and businesses in Southeast Wisconsin appreciate the dependability of these units.

At the same time, there are still some folks who rely on oil furnaces. But it can be difficult to find a company that performs maintenance on them. No worries, our techs remain up-to-date through extensive training on a wide variety of units, so we can assist you promptly and professionally.

Heat pumps are interesting pieces of equipment as they supply both warm and cool air when you need it. They also need annual maintenance to ensure they run properly and are there for your family or business during high and low temperatures.

Our Comfort Maintenance Agreement Saves You Money

The West Allis Heating Comfort Maintenance Agreement (CMA) will help ensure your equipment operates properly, keeping your family warm during tough Wisconsin winters. And we service all makes and models of oil and gas furnaces, gas and oil boilers, and central air conditioners, as well as heat pumps and ductless split systems. If you’re not sure whether we can cover your appliance under our CMA, just ask.

With our CMA you receive priority front-line service during an emergency, a discount on parts and labor, a discount on heating and cooling system air filters, and no trip charges on your two annual visits.

During the inspections, our NATE-certified technicians thoroughly clean the units, replace air filters, perform a battery of electrical and combustion testing, lubricate parts as required, and make necessary recommendations.

Service on Your Schedule

At West Allis Heating, we offer a very flexible schedule for maintenance to help accommodate your busy life. Call and ask us to schedule a “tune up” at 414.249.6235. We can also explain more about Comfort Maintenance Agreements.

Don’t wait until you have an expensive breakdown to think about your home comfort. Become a CMA customer today!

Furnace Maintenance FAQ

Yes. Our standard Customer Maintenance Agreement (CMA) comes with two tune & clean appointments – one for your furnace in the fall and one for your A/C in the spring. Please call for pricing options and more information or visit our Maintenance Program page.

Manufacturers require annual maintenance to maintain valid warranties. Properly maintained equipment will need fewer and less costly repairs. It will also lower energy usage while adding to your comfort. Check out our Maintenance Programs to ensure your systems are always in top shape.

For a one-inch furnace filter, it is recommended that you change it every month. For a high-efficiency furnace filter (four-inch or larger), it is recommended that you change it every six to 12 months. If you have pets, allergies, or smoke indoors, you may want to change your filter more often.

A tune-up and cleaning is a 15-point service check in which the technician examines the entire system, cleans and inspects all of the heating components, makes sure there are no safety hazards or items that require attention, and provides recommendations and pricing for repairs (if needed). For more details, visit our blog post: What to Expect During a Furnace Tune-Up.

There is almost no make or model of furnace, boiler (gas or oil), or heat pump we can’t perform maintenance on.
Maintenance is the key to ensuring your equipment is running safely. Regular maintenance helps improve the efficiency of your equipment (which leads to savings on your energy bills). It also can help prolong the lifespan of the equipment and decrease the number of breakdowns.