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Elm Grove Residents Call West Allis Heating for Furnace Service

Elm Grove Residents Need Heating & A/C Comfort From West Allis Heating

Elm Grove maintains its small-town charm with its historic downtown. Residents enjoy walking in the area, taking in all the seasons. At the same time, when the seasons start changing, it’s time to start thinking about scheduling routine maintenance for your heating and cooling systems.

West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning offers Comfort Maintenance Agreements (CMAs) which helps keep units running efficiently and longer, which saves money. Trust our certified technicians to perform maintenance, as well as handle larger duties including furnace, air conditioner, and boiler repair, and new equipment installations.

Hot, Hot, Hot—Elm Grove Homeowners Want That in the Winter with Exceptional Furnace Installs and Repairs from West Allis Heating

West Allis Heating will make sure your heating system runs properly and efficiently during the cold months. By making small repairs now, you can prevent large expensive repairs later. Should you need a replacement, we can help you select an energy-efficient model that meets your needs and will save you money on your energy bills. Our factory-trained technicians will install a properly-sized unit that will keep your family comfortable.

While boilers are kind of rare animals, we find many homes in Elm Grove still rely on them. Good news—our techs have serviced boilers for more than three decades, so there isn’t much we have not seen. We maintain and repair all makes and models. And if it’s time for a replacement, we can provide you with an honest evaluation of what we think would be best for your lifestyle and budget.

We also offer Comfort Maintenance Agreements that help ensure that your oil furnace, gas furnace, or boiler runs efficiently and effectively. Everyone knows that routine maintenance is important—whether it’s for your car or household systems. With our CMA, we visit your home twice per year—once for heating system maintenance and once for cooling system maintenance. We clean and service your units and make recommendations if a repair is needed—which can prevent major headaches down the road. There are no trip charges and you receive a discount on parts and filters.

Keep Your Cool in Elm Grove with A/C Service and Maintenance from West Allis Heating

We can service and repair all systems and brands of air conditioning units in a timely manner. If it’s wiser to replace rather than repair, we will explain your options and help you select a new system to meet your family’s needs without breaking the budget.

We also suggest that you replace the filters regularly to help maintain the unit, and you may want to consider our Comfort Maintenance Agreements as well. Call on our certified technicians as they can cover everything from regular cleaning to repairs to installation.

High Humidity Can Cause Concerns for Elm Grove Residents

When summer finally arrives in Elm Grove, it can bring high humidity levels and damp air. We can help reduce this with a dehumidifier, which may also help prevent the spread of mold and mildew. Air purifiers and ventilators can help clean the contaminants out of damp air, giving you fresh air throughout the year.

In the winter, of course, it’s the opposite problem. Low humidity leads to walls and floors cracking, not to mention all that dry, itchy skin. No worries—the technicians at West Allis Heating can provide you with a humidifier that works within your existing heating system or as a separate unit.

For precision temperature control, we offer programmable thermostats. You can turn down the air or heat when your family is away and dial it back up before you arrive home. This helps reduce energy bills while ensuring your family’s comfort.

With Ductless Systems, It Is Never “Too Hot” or “Too Cold” in Elm Grove

Do you have rooms in your home or office that are so cold you need to use extra heating sources during winter? Rooms that you stop using during the summer because they are just too hot? Ductless splits systems are an easy and affordable answer.

Ductless systems have two components: one unit is installed outside the home, and then inside units are installed in the “problem areas.” Ductless heating and cooling offers home and business owners a cost-effective way to replace inefficient window air conditioners, space heaters, and electric baseboard heaters. They are also the perfect solutions for homes or facilities without access to ductwork.

Small Businesses in Elm Grove Turn to West Allis Heating for Service and Installs

A common problem for small businesses is temperature control because the spaces are so diverse. Businesses may have office space combined with large warehouses, or rooms full of computers and other equipment that generates heat. You may also have temperature-sensitive inventory that may vary based on the season.

Our certified technicians can offer a variety of products to meet your needs. From furnaces and boilers to A/C and ductless split systems, we have it all. We even offer a variety of indoor air quality products that help your employees breathe easier. Many studies have shown improving air quality can also improve productivity.

Talk to one of our Comfort Advisors to get the best products to meet your commercial needs up to 25 tons.

Directions to West Allis Heating from Elm Grove, WI

Start going east on Juneau Avenue toward Woodland Boulevard. Take the second right onto Highland Drive. Travel for a half mile and turn left on Watertown Plank Road.

Travel slightly more than a quarter mile and take the third left on Sunnyslope Road. Travel for a quarter mile and take the left to Bluemound Road. Go four miles and then turn right on 76th Street. In a little less than two miles, West Allis Heating will be on the right.