When it comes time to service, repair, upgrade, or replace your heating and cooling systems, the options can be overwhelming with the countless HVAC companies in your area.

Who can you trust? Who will be here on time? Are you getting a fair price? Will the work last? The list goes on and on.

To make things easy for you, we put together five reasons why West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning is a cut above the rest.

1. We’ve Been in Business Over 61 Years

We’ve done thousands of repairs, upgrades, and installations since 1959. We know the climate, the codes, and the construction in the area, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

This means the job will get done right the first time, saving you time and money.

Being family-owned since day one means having personalized service and accountability no matter the size of the job.

2. Highly-Trained Employees

Each one of our employees is highly-trained; from the Customer Service Representative answering your questions, to the Service Technician repairing your unit, to the Comfort Advisor providing you a free estimate, to the Installation Technician replacing your old comfort system.

Ongoing training programs makes us more efficient, leading to savings that we can pass on to our customers.

As always, our trained employees are in uniform and will arrive in marked vehicles so you know exactly who is pulling up to your door.

3. Quality Service Vehicles

Speaking of our service vehicles, each one is well-maintained so we can ensure appointments are made promptly. Keeping up with this maintenance helps us reduce overhead costs, which leads to more savings for you!

In addition to the quality, our service vehicles are well-stocked with commonly used parts so we don’t have to make unnecessary trips to the supply house. This means we have what we need to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

4. Maintenance Agreements

Thousands of customers take advantage of our Comfort Maintenance Agreement (CMA) each year. This includes regular maintenance that will lower your utility bills, extend equipment life, and reduce the likelihood of costly breakdowns.

Additionally, having a CMA provides you discounts on repairs and maintenance, priority service, and warranty protection.

5. Our Pricing Method

We use standardized, up-front, firm pricing so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying. No surprises or hidden fees.

This means we charge by the job, not by the hour. Regardless of location or the technician performing your work. We’re also licensed and insured so you can rest easy knowing there will be no liability on your end if something goes wrong, God forbid.

We will continue to provide honest and reliable service at a fair price as we have been for the last 61 years.

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