Many customers have been calling our office and asking about cooling solutions for homes that have never had central air conditioning. If you are in the same boat, a ductless unit may be your best option.

Ductless Units

These units do not require any additional duct work throughout your home. This is incredibly beneficial for homes that have boilers or radiant heat. Up to five ductless heads can be ran off of one heat pump. In addition to cooling, ductless units can also provide heat as well. Ductless units are perfect for that one room in your home that doesn’t have enough cooling or heating. If you have seasonal rooms or additions to your home that don’t have adequate climate control, these units are life savers. They are very efficient and help reduce energy consumption.

A Top Choice  

A West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning favorite is the Daikin Emura. There are many features when it comes to this unit. 3-D airflow is one of them. What this means is that air flow occurs vertically and horizontally. This feature allows for even distribution of air throughout the room. Another feature is the night set mode. This prevents over heating or over cooling during the night. A timer is used to automatically set the temperature to 0.9°F warmer in cooling and 3.6°F cooler in heating. This unit is very sleek and comes in silver and white.

If you are interested in the Daikin Emura or a ductless unit reach out to our office! We have a very friendly staff who is always available for questions. We also have Comfort Advisors who provide free in-home estimates so you can get an accurate quote. “Call the Experts” for any of your HVAC needs.