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Indoor Air Quality FAQ

What’s the big deal with indoor air quality? Why is it so important? What causes poor air quality? Get answers to these questions and more right from the West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning Comfort Advisors. We care about your family’s comfort and health, which is why we’re covering common questions about this important topic. If you have a concern that’s not addressed below, just let us know. We’re only a quick phone call away at 414-543-2800—or you can submit a question online. Our experts are happy to share their knowledge to help you breathe easier at home.

Yes! One of our experienced Comfort Advisors will come directly to your home and work with you to find the system that best fits your needs and your budget – completely FREE.

People spend much of their time indoors and if allergens, dust, mold, pet dander, and other contaminants are recirculating throughout your home, you’re breathing unhealthy air. It may also worsen allergy symptoms or contribute to new ones.

Our experts can assess your existing systems and suggest which types of IAQ solutions we offer to improve the air quality in your home. Give our friendly team a call to schedule an appointment.

There are a lot of factors that can cause poor air quality such as pet dander, smoking indoors, and poor ventilation. If you have pets, frequent vacuuming helps, but you should also be replacing your air filter at the recommended intervals.

It may be time to install a dehumidifier in your home to alleviate excess humidity.

Every home and person’s comfort is different. Start by setting it at 30 percent humidity and increase the percentage by five percent every 24 hours until your desired comfort level is met.

A zoning system allows you to have total control of your home comfort by allowing you to set individual temperatures in different rooms. Having this type of system can also reduce energy bills since you can set rooms that aren’t used often to be heated or cooled only when needed.
You may want to invest in an air purifier or ventilator. An air purifier will quietly clean your air by removing bacteria and pollutants, and a ventilator “airs out” your home by replacing stale indoor air with fresh, pre-conditioned outdoor air. Ask our Comfort Advisors which system is right for your home comfort needs.

See your manual for instructions. Links are also provided here:

Many of the WiFi thermostats (Carrier Infinity, Lennox iComfort, and EcoBee) are hard wired to your furnace and do not have a battery. The Honeywell FocusPro 5000 and 6000 are two systems with batteries (see page 3 in the manual). The easiest way to change the batteries is to place your hand on the very top of the thermostat and slide your hand all the way to the right until you feel the last set of grooves. Push down on the grooves and slide your hand away from the thermostat—this will release the battery door. Be sure to use brand new AA or AAA batteries for your thermostat. Replace them at least once a year or before leaving home for a month or longer.

Yes, they can! There are a number of plants that help filter and clean your indoor air—plus greenery increases the amount of oxygen throughout your home. How many plants do you need? Researchers suggest at least one houseplant for every 100 square feet.