Spring is here, let the cleaning begin! Getting your home ready for spring and summer usually means some cleaning is in store. Many of us dust, get rid of unwanted items, and tidy up the yard. Something we should not forget to clean is our air conditioners. Annual air conditioner maintenance is encouraged in early spring to prepare your unit for the warmer months to come.

After fall and winter your air conditioner can be dirtied with leaves and other debris. A tune and clean is a 15-point inspection that includes a chemical cleaning of the unit, checking refrigerant levels, cleaning and flushing the drain system, and checking voltage and amperage. This cleaning is preventative maintenance that will help your unit run better and last longer.

In addition to the general cleaning done during a tune and clean, you can also reduce the probability that your unit breaks down during the season. Since the technician thoroughly goes through the different mechanisms, they can see if there are any needed repairs. This can be very helpful since emergency repairs can be very stressful.

West Allis Heating and Air Conditioning is always here for your HVAC needs. We promote regular service and have different Comfort Maintenance Agreement Plans to make sure our customers are cared for. Get ahead of your spring cleaning and call our office today at (414)543-2800 to schedule your air conditioner maintenance!