Let’s face it, 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us and we can’t wait to see the Times Square Ball drop in just a few weeks ‒ with our fingers crossed for a better 2021.

Financial struggles have been one of the biggest burdens the year has presented and receiving a high energy bill in the mail is the last thing we want to see.

Don’t worry, your friends at West Allis Heating put together a list of how to save money on your winter energy bill.

10 Energy Bill Saving Tips

1. Dress Warm – We don’t expect this to be an “Ah-ha!” revelation for you but simply wearing warm clothes like a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and slippers while snuggled up under your favorite blanket will allow you some wiggle room when setting your thermostat.

2. Natural Light – While sunny Wisconsin days in winter are few and far between, open your blinds or curtains during the day to let the sun’s heat fill your home. Boom, free heat!

3. Use Your Oven – Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Cook or bake yourself some delicious food while adding heat to your home. When you’re done cooking, leave the oven door open a bit and open any adjacent doors for some temporary heat.

4. Rearrange Your Rooms – Check to make sure your furniture or any other objects aren’t blocking the vents in your home. Freeing up the vents will allow for more consistent airflow to be distributed. Also, a little change can be a good thing!

5. Isolate Your Vents – If you have a spare room that’s rarely used (although it’s probably your office right now), close the vents for unnecessary airflow.

6. Check Your Windows & Doors – Double check that all of your windows and doors are closed and sealed properly. This can let a TON of unwanted cold air in your home, forcing your furnace to kick in more frequently. You can buy insulation strips or festive door stoppers like this to help keep the heat in.

7. Use Ceiling Fans – If you have ceiling fans in your home, try turning them on in reverse to distribute some of the heat that rises to the ceiling.

8. Change Your Filters – This is a simple but often-missed step. A clean filter allows steady airflow, leading to higher efficiency from your furnace. High efficiency = money saved! The general rule of thumb is: change 1″ filters every 1-3 months and 5″ filters every 3-6 months. *Factors like pets, smoking, and candles can affect this*

9. Tune-Up Your Furnace – Having your furnace tuned and cleaned every year will lead to savings with the improved efficiency it creates. Check out all of the benefits and savings tune-ups can provide you here. Our Comfort Maintenance Agreements are also a great way to save you money year-round.

10. Get a Programmable Thermostat – It’s no secret that you can save money by turning down the thermostat when you leave the house and turning it back up when you get home. However, installing a smart thermostat gives you the ability to control and schedule your temperature at all times through a smartphone. This means you won’t have to wait until you get home to turn your heat back up and defrost from the frigid Wisconsin winter. Check out more of the benefits of programmable thermostats here.


While you might not be able to buy a brand new Mercedes Benz with a bow wrapped around it for your significant other this Christmas with the tips above, you will see a difference in your energy bill this winter. And every little bit counts.

Have a safe, healthy, happy, and warm holiday season!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always just a chat, email, or phone call away!