A lot of questions have been asked about the switch from R-22 to R-410A. We want to help educate the general public about this issue. AC units are no longer made with R-22, and R-22 production is illegal.  However, R-22 will still be available for older units that would need it.

The reason for the switch is due to the environmental harm that R-22 causes. R-22 is a known chemical that causes ozone depletion. R-410A is more environmentally friendly and efficient at cooling. After 2010 air conditioners were made with R-410A. If your unit was installed after this, chances are you do not need to worry about the R-22 phase out.

As previously mentioned, you will still be able to purchase R-22 if your system needs a charge. The drawback is the price increase of R-22 since production has stopped. The limited stock will continue to drive up the price.  You cannot fill a unit that was originally R-22 with R-410A because R-410A requires more pressure. If you have to fill your air conditioner with refrigerant that normally means there is a leak in the system. It may be best to consider a new unit instead of continuing to fill the refrigerant.

If you have any concerns about your refrigerant or air conditioner reach out to our office. Our staff wants to help make sure you are informed about your equipment. “Call the Experts” with all of your HVAC needs!