Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that does not discriminate against any home. An increase of this gas within an area can be deadly. The gas can be distributed into the atmosphere within your home if there is a crack or leak in your furnace. It is the product of incomplete combustion of fuels and can occur if your furnace is not functioning properly.  West Allis Heating and Air Conditioning recommend having your home checked for carbon monoxide if you suspect it is present.

What Are The Symptoms Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

There are multiple symptoms that come with elevated exposure to carbon monoxide. A few of these symptoms are dizziness, trouble breathing, vomiting, confusion, and weakness. Because carbon monoxide poisoning and the flu have similar symptoms, it is difficult to differentiate the two.  Do not be fooled by these symptoms, carbon monoxide poising is also known as the “silent killer”

How Can I Monitor

A carbon monoxide detector recognizes elevated levels of the gas within your home. These devices are available for purchase at any local hardware store. The average cost of a detector can range from $10.00-$35.00. This low cost device can help protect your family from unwanted harm. Replacing existing detectors is also important, and new detectors should be installed every five years.

What To Do If You Suspect Carbon Monoxide In Your Home

If you suspect elevated carbon monoxide levels in your home be sure to reach out an HVAC company.  Advanced equipment that HVAC service technicians use can detect carbon monoxide levels at low concentrations. The gas is not regularly tested for on service calls. West Allis Heating and Air Conditioning can perform testing upon request. Our expert team uses precise equipment to properly test for the gas. Call West Allis Heating for a 15-point service check at 414-543-2800 or contact us today if you have any other related questions.