Even in Wisconsin, central air conditioning costs add quite a bit to your household expenses during the summer months. With warmer weather settling in, the pros at West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning are sharing ways to improve your cooling system’s efficiency, save energy, and lower costs—which means you’ll have more money to spend on your favorite summer activities.

  1. Start with spring cleaning. Your outdoor unit will work most efficiently if it’s clean and has unobstructed airflow. Trim back plants around it and remove any leaves or debris from the exterior fins. Then call West Allis Heating for a thorough cleaning—inside and out—inspection, and tuneup to help it run better all summer.
  2. Clear the area. Clean indoor supply vents and move any boxes or items stored near your unit. Also make sure registers aren’t blocked by things like curtains, furniture, clothes, or toys.
  3. Bump up your thermostat a few degrees. Set temperatures a few degrees higher. You’ll feel comfortable and it will keep your air conditioner from working overtime. A programmable thermostat will help you manage the temperature for different times of the day or when you’re away from home.
  4. On really hot days, keep curtains and blinds closed. Sunlight warms up a room quickly, so close your curtains or blinds to keep rooms cooler.
  5. Keep lamps and other heat-producing appliances away from your thermostat. Any appliances that generate heat can trick your thermostat into thinking your home needs to be cooled. That means your system will run longer and work harder than it actually needs to.
  6. Avoid using your dryer and oven during hot midday hours. Your dryer produces heat and draws warm air into your home, while your oven obviously heats things up inside. If you can’t schedule these tasks for cooler parts of the day, consider alternatives like using a drying rack for clothes or grilling out for dinner.
  7. Insulate any exposed ductwork. Make sure ductwork that runs through an unconditioned space is insulated so air doesn’t lose its cool as it passes through these areas. Also check ducts for any leaks that also waste cooling energy and make it harder to maintain even temperatures throughout your home.

One Hot Room Have You Overworking Your Central Air? Try A Ductless System

If you’re adjusting the temperature in your home often, just to get that one hard-to-cool room comfortable, stop wasting time and money and ask us about a ductless system instead. This cooling unit uses a heat pump to deliver cool air directly to a specific area. Plus, it’s way more efficient and effective than a window air conditioner or fan. Best of all, it can also heat that room in winter, so it’s a smart investment in year-round comfort.

For all your heating, cooling, and air quality needs, trust West Allis Heating for exceptional service—contact us any time with questions or to schedule an appointment.