Zoning is a popular feature in Milwaukee-area homes and for good reason: it allows you to heat and cool specific areas of your home for improved comfort and lower energy costs. Zoning involves the installation of individual thermostats and automatic dampers in your ductwork to direct hot or cold air where you need it most. It lets you control airflow to better manage room temperatures instead of heating and cooling your entire house to one setting. Keep reading to learn more about zoning’s three most impressive benefits from the West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning pros.

Improve Your Family’s Comfort

With zoning, you can put the “I’m cold” complaints and thermostat wars to rest. Maybe someone is watching a movie in the family room and wants to feel warm and toasty. Meanwhile, someone else is cooking in the kitchen and it’s just too hot. All they have to do is adjust the temperature for the room they’re in and everyone is happy. Controlling each area separately (instead of bumping one thermostat up and down all the time) keeps your comfort systems from overworking and your energy bills from rising.

Lower Your Monthly Energy Bills

Zoning helps you save money by only heating and cooling rooms as needed, rather than over-servicing your entire home. Simply adjust your thermostat to raise or lower the temperature in areas you don’t use as often—like your guest room or sunroom—and your system and dampers will take care of the rest.

Because you’re concentrating your heating and cooling efforts in fewer areas, your system won’t have to run as often or work as hard to keep up. That means lower energy bills, a reduced chance for system breakdowns, and a longer system lifespan, which all help keep more money in your pocket. In fact, homeowners often save as much as 30 percent on energy bills with zoning.

Get Rid of Hot and Cold Spots

Most homes have rooms or areas that never seem to cool down or warm up as well as the rest, like sunrooms, additions, or rooms with large windows. Maybe they don’t get enough airflow or have vents placed in the right spots to keep you comfortable. Instead of closing doors and avoiding that space, reclaim it with zoning. Zoning lets you program different thermostat settings in each area so every room is perfectly comfortable and welcoming.

Find Out If Zoning Is Right for Your Home

Curious about adding zoning to your home? The NATE-certified technicians at West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help! Make an appointment by calling 414-543-2800 or contacting us. We’ll evaluate your home and let you know if zoning makes sense for your family’s comfort needs and budget. If it doesn’t, we can recommend other options to keep you comfortable. Our tailored recommendations and honest advice are why area homeowners trust us with their home comfort.