Quality HVAC Maintenance in the Milwaukee Area Starts at WAH

Rely on the Experts from West Allis Heating for Milwaukee HVAC Services

Milwaukee has two nicknames—Cream City, because of the distinctive cream-colored brick that is used in so many buildings in and around the downtown area, and Brew City, as it was home to Pabst, Schlitz, Miller, and many artisanal breweries. Some Milwaukeeans also experience the effect well known as “cooler by the lake.”

Whether you are by the lake or not, HVAC experts know that routine maintenance keeps heating and cooling units running efficiently and longer, which saves money. Trust the certified technicians at West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning to perform maintenance, as well as furnace, boiler, and A/C repair, and new equipment installations.

West Allis Heating offers 24-hour emergency services, should they be needed. Call 414.543.2800.

We Handle Service on Oil and Gas Furnaces and Boilers for Milwaukee Homeowners

While a bit unusual, the West Allis Heating technicians still have the expertise and skills to service oil furnaces, as well as gas furnaces. We can also perform conversions from oil to gas for those families who may want to make the switch. Boilers are another somewhat tricky heating unit that the professionals at West Allis Heating have mastered—offering maintenance, repairs, and even new installs, should your old unit fail.

Every HVAC contractor knows that regular maintenance service will help keep your units running properly and will extend their life. This is why we recommend an annual furnace or boiler tune-up. While maintaining your unit, we can also make small repairs if needed, to prevent expensive repairs later. And should you need a replacement, we can provide guidance on an energy-efficient model to help reduce your energy bills. Our factory-trained technicians provide fast installs that keeps your family comfy.

Chill Out with A/C Maintenance, Repair, and Installation in Milwaukee, WI

In Milwaukee, we love summer—all the festivals, great food, and finally, great weather. And a location near the lake means you may not need to use your air conditioner too often, but you want it to work when you do need it. That’s why having a regular tune-up is so important. In fact, you may want to consider our Comfort Maintenance Agreement because it will save you on trip charges, discounts on parts, labor, and filters.

If it is determined that your unit needs repair or replacement, rely on the professionals at West Allis Heating. We are your trusted neighbors and will properly diagnose your repair. If it’s wiser to replace rather than repair, we tell you that too. And we can help you select a new unit to meet your family’s needs within your budget.

Breathe Easier with Indoor Air Service for Milwaukee Residents

The lake’s natural air conditioning can be a blessing in the hot summer months. At the same time, the lake provides a lot of humidity which can be difficult to deal with. Dampness can cause mold and mildew, to grow in your home causing health issues. A dehumidifier can help your family remain comfortable. In addition, air cleaners and air purifiers also clean the contaminants out of “lake air” to give you better air throughout the year.

Ductless Split Systems May be the Solution for Older Milwaukee Homes

In many older homes on the South Side, there is little or no ductwork, as central air was not available when the homes were built. The good news is that ductless systems are easy to install and require no ductwork. You get precise temperature control in every room in your home—from the office over the garage to the spare bedroom no one uses—which saves you money as rooms you don’t currently use do not have to be heated or cooled.

Commercial Heating and Cooling System Solutions for Milwaukee Small Businesses

West Allis Heating serves many small businesses, including office facilities, restaurants, taverns, and retail shops. Our NATE-certified technicians can perform maintenance and repairs on boilers, furnaces, and air conditioning units up to 25 tons.

And if your unit fails or the operating costs are getting too high, our pros can help you find a new heating or cooling system that will perform effectively. Trust us to save you money and provide quick-turnaround on our installations.

Directions to West Allis Heating from Milwaukee, WI

Start on East Wells Street and go toward North Water Street. After a quarter of a mile, turn left on North Second Street. After another quarter mile, turn left onto West Clybourn Street. Merge onto I-794 toward I-94 West. After 1.75 miles, take the Miller Parkway Exit, 308B on the left. Merge onto Us Highway 341. After a half a mile, take the National Avenue exit west. Then take a slight right onto National Avenue/West 59. In two miles, turn left onto 76th Street. West Allis Heating will be on your right.