In extreme heat and high humidity your central air conditioner runs constantly to maintain a comfortable home temperature. This is a lot of work for your air conditioner and sometimes it won’t keep up with your thermostat setting, or worse, it may fail altogether. West Allis Heating and Air conditioning is available and ready to assist with your air conditioning repair. During extreme temperatures we experience very high call volume, but we will always get to you as quickly as possible. Here’s how to keep cool while you wait for our Service Technician:

Get Back to Basics

Sometimes you are so hot you will overlook a couple of basic ways to stay cool and hydrated. Drink anything cold or iced such as a glass of iced tea, water or lemonade. Wet a washcloth and place it on your forehead or back of your neck. Take a nice cool shower or bath and keep air circulating around you by turning on all fans that you have available. Using a box fan at the top of your basement stairwell can bring the cooler air upstairs, and pointing one out of the window will drive hot air out.

Know Where to Hang Out

When you have no cooling at home it might be a good time to run some errands or do your laundry. Riding in your air conditioned car or even having a breezy ride with the windows down can help. Do some window shopping at air conditioned stores or walk around the mall. Maybe get a few groceries. Relax and read a book at the library. Seeing a movie at the theater is a nice respite from the heat and public pools or splash pads are always great for cooling off. Never underestimate the cooling effects of simply spending time in your basement (get that laundry done while you’re down there).

Think Like a Kid

Remember when you used your garden hose for more than just yard work? Children run through sprinklers and spray themselves with the hose for fun, and you have our permission to do it too. Especially when you’re hot and sweaty with no air conditioning! When you’re done grab a big bowl of ice cream or a freeze pop to further cool you down. You’ll deserve a treat for entertaining your neighbors with the hose shenanigans.

At West Allis Heating and Air Conditioning we know how uncomfortable and inconvenient it is to be without central cooling in extreme heat. If you find yourself in need of air conditioning repair or replacement, keep your cool and “Call the Experts” at (414) 543-2800. We are here and happy to help!