Air filters are often forgotten about, and not changed regularly. This is unfortunate since they make a huge difference in the quality of the air inside your home. You are inside majority of the day, you should make sure the air you are breathing is clean and healthy. Not only should you regularly change the air filter in your home HVAC system every few months, you should make sure you are choosing the right filter as well.

Air filters are generally used in homes that have ducted, forced air, ventilation systems. Since majority of home owners use their HVAC system regularly, large quantities of air are pushed through the vents frequently. If the air filter you are using is not the correct one, and isn’t regularly changed, your home could be full of airborne allergens, dirt, dust, and bacteria. With the correct filter, these airborne pests can be properly removed from your home. There are three filters that are commonly used; fiberglass, pleated, and HEPA.


A fiberglass filter is a very standard filter. The filter is composed of a woven fiberglass material that is designed to catch dust, debris, and other fine particles. This filter is not the most efficient filter available, but it is still better to have a fiberglass filter than no filter.


Pleated filters are similar to fiberglass filters. A pleated filter does have a thicker design, and will catch more airborne irritants than a fiberglass filter.

Hight Efficiency Particulate Air HEPA

A HEPA filter is most efficient at reducing particles. These filters are often used in medical facilities, labs, and places that need to be particularly clean.

MERV rating is another measurement of filter efficiency. MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. This standard was set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioner Engineers. The different MERV values vary from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter will be in removing airborne particles.

Whichever filter you choose for your home, be sure you are getting the proper size. Having the right size will assure particles are not bypassing the filter and entering your home. If you have any questions about air filters, or what filter is best for your home, feel free to reach out to our office. West Allis Heating has a verity of filters that can be purchased over the counter. Give us a call at (414)543-2800 or stop into our comfort store for further assistance.