Every homeowner wants to be as comfortable as possible while spending as little as possible. Often, the key to keeping cooling costs down in summer begins with air conditioner maintenance in spring. Spend a little now on a once-a-year cleaning and tuneup to save all season long and enjoy these four benefits:

  1. Reduced risk of a costly, inconvenient breakdown
    Most air conditioner failures are caused by a lack of maintenance, so professional cleaning is your first line of defense. It protects against an air conditioner failure and the emergency repair bill that follows. When we check your system, we have a chance to uncover existing issues and make repairs before the problem worsens. We also look for signs of wear that could cause a breakdown if a heat wave pushes your A/C too far.
  2. Improved energy efficiency
    Parts that aren’t properly aligned or lubricated work harder to do their job, which means they use more energy. The same is true when your system has to force air through a dirty, clogged filter. Preventive service includes all the steps necessary to keep your system and air moving freely and smoothly, resulting in better efficiency and comfort.
  3. Extended system life
    More than just frequent repairs and high energy bills, skipping maintenance can cost you years of cooling service. Neglecting your air conditioner can drastically shorten its lifespan, which means you may have to buy a whole new unit much sooner than expected. A/Cs typically last 12 to 15 years, but homeowners who invest in routine cleanings may not have to replace theirs for 20 years or more. We’ll make sure your A/C is operating safely and at peak efficiency to help it last longer.
  4. Better indoor air quality
    Did you know a routine A/C tuneup can also improve your indoor air quality (IAQ)? That’s because cleanings and new filters help reduce the pollutants that continuously cycle through the air in your home. We can also spot common IAQ problems, like mold growth on indoor coils, and recommend a sanitizing solution, like UV lights. This helps the unit run better and helps you save on the cost of allergy medications, doctors’ appointments, and time away from work due to seasonal allergies, asthma, and summer colds.

Schedule Your A/C Cleaning With West Allis Heating

Annual tuneups are best performed when daytime temperatures reach 50 degrees or above—but that doesn’t mean you should wait to schedule yours. We recommend making an appointment sooner rather than later to beat the rush. We often get a flood of calls after the first hot day hits and homeowners realize their A/Cs don’t work. Save yourself the headache and call 414-543-2800 to reserve your appointment and be ready to save.