In the same way that you would perform regular maintenance on your car, performing annual maintenance on your furnace is a similar necessity. You want to be sure that your furnace is ready, and functioning perfectly when you need it. You wouldn’t drive your car 30,000 miles without getting an oil change, or ignore a check engine light. The same logic should also apply to your furnace and HVAC system. Every fall, before harsh temperatures arrive, you should have your furnace inspected and tuned. This preventative maintenance can help your furnace last longer, and run stronger.

Scheduling a routine tune and clean each fall with West Allis Heating includes a 15-point inspection. This is a great way to keep up with your furnace. Our 15-point service check includes inspection of the unit’s heat exchanger, cleaning and adjusting the pilot assembly or flame sensor, flushing the condensate trap, adjusting the burner for efficiency, and more. By scheduling your appointment in early fall, you will have more time to fix any issues that are found during your maintenance.

A comfortable home is a happy home. Keeping up on your annual maintenance is a great way to keep your home comfortable and make sure your equipment is ready for winter temperatures to come. Contact West Allis Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule your annual maintenance at (414)543-2800.