If you don't take care of it, it's going to break.

Heating and air conditioning equipment requires annual maintenance. So says all manufacturers of heating and air conditioning equipment, all local utilities, and all reputable heating and air conditioning contractors.

Maintenance is critical to ensure safe operation of your equipment, maintain the efficiency of the equipment (which means the appliance use less gas, oil, and electricity), and prevent costly breakdowns and unhappy surprises during extreme temperatures.

While nothing in this world is foolproof, it is a proven fact that maintenance will decrease the amount of breakdowns that occur in a home comfort system. Believe it or not, furnaces and air conditioners are full of electrical and mechanical components; some components are even classified as wearable parts. On a maintenance check (also called a “tune up”) our technicians thoroughly clean the unit(s), perform a battery of electrical and combustion testing, lubricate parts as required, and make necessary recommendations to help ensure the unit runs safely and doesn’t break when you need it the most.

At West Allis Heating and Air Conditioning we offer a very flexible schedule for maintenance to help accomadate today’s busy lifestyles. Call and ask us about our “Comfort Maintenance Agreements” and “Tune Ups” at 414-543-2800.