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The West Allis Heating Difference

When researching heating and cooling contractors, people are often inclined to choose a contractor based on price alone.  We suggest you consider other factors before deciding to build a relationship with a heating and cooling provider.  Here we have detailed many aspects of West Allis Heating & Air Conditioning that make us different from other heating and cooling contractors.
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Emergency Furnace Repair

No Heat? Don’t panic! If your furnace has stopped working, you are not alone. Many homeowners find themselves in the dead of winter with a non-functional furnace. Don’t panic and rush into making a decision about whom to allow into your home for service. Here are a few things to consider before you let a technician into your home:

• Is the technician from a legitimate business or is he a “fly-by-nighter?” Legitimate heating contractors will have a backlog of service calls to make during extreme temperatures. You should hesitate to have the person out who has time when no other company seems to. “Fly by nighters” always have time to take your money. What they do not have time for is the follow up service to make sure your equipment is functioning as it should. They generally don’t take the required permits for the work they do and are not licensed or insured. You are better off waiting for a day or two, or paying the overtime emergency service rate for a legitimate contractor to come to your home.
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We’re In Love – With Our CMA Customers

Let’s face it – heating and cooling equipment is very expensive! After spending all that money, most homeowners recognize the need to take care of and protect their investment. Consistent preventative maintenance will add years to the life expectancy of your heating and cooling equipment.

Our Comfort Maintenance Agreement (CMA) customers are the model homeowners that are responsible and proactive when it comes to care of their heating and cooling equipment. If you are not already a West Allis Heating CMA customer, you can contact us to get signed up and feel the love. As a CMA customer you will know the maintenance we provide will keep your equipment running efficiently and reliably.
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Service Features and Benefits


                        FEATURE                                                               BENEFIT TO CUSTOMER

We have been in business since 1959

We’ve done thousands of installations

We’ve made thousands of repairs

We know the climate, the codes and the construction in this area so we know what works and what doesn’t.  The job gets done right, saving you money.

We’re family owned and operated

We’re locally owned and operated

Personalized service and accountability.

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Repair or Replace?

Air conditioner repairmanAs homeowners, we are often faced with a major decision regarding our household appliances: Repair the existing unit or replace it with a new one?

Although much of this can depend on your personal financial situation as well as the specific circumstances, there are some things to consider that may assist you in making the right decision for your home.
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Heating and Cooling Maintenance Tips

Your furnace and AC units need regular maintenance

Your furnace and AC units need regular maintenance. Do you know what needs to be done?

Have your  furnace and A/C maintained yearly. Like a car, a furnace and/or A/C is full of moving parts that need to be serviced. Newer furnaces condense water internally, making it critical to flush/clean the internal hose assembly to avoid water backup, which leads to costly repairs. Burner service is also critical to avoid de-rating a furnace’s efficiency and keep the furnace running safely.

The cleaning of the A/C coil is important because when the coils start plugging up, pressure builds up in the system, causing a refrigerant leak.

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The Value of Service and Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance and service agreements are a valuable part of home equipment purchases.

Responsible homeowners handle upkeep of their heating and cooling systems by setting up maintenance and service contracts with a reputable HVAC contractor. Climate extremes like those in Wisconsin make it imperative to ensure proper functioning of home heating and cooling equipment, especially during long winter months.

Yet although homeowners understand the necessity for periodic maintenance, they know less about how their heating and cooling systems operate than how their automobiles work. In addition, newer furnace models have more complicated components that aren’t easy to comprehend. That means any homeowner who is a self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfer can no longer tackle furnace maintenance. Continue reading