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The Importance of a Furnace Tune-Up

It's important to get regular tune-ups for your furnace

It's important to get regular tune-ups for your furnace. Learn the basics of what's needed.

Many Wisconsin homeowners schedule an annual furnace tune-up to ensure their heating systems will run at maximum efficiency during the cold winter months. Operating a dirty furnace or boiler can cause future damage and shorten equipment life span by up to 10 years—not to mention running the risk of inconvenient, emergency breakdowns in the dead of winter.

Symptoms of a Dirty Furnace
If you’ve lived in your house a few years, you are probably familiar with the comfort levels your heating system normally provides. You should schedule a tune-up if you notice any of the following anomalies:

  • Certain duct or heat registers don’t heat as efficiently;
  • Your gas bill is higher than normal;
  • Indoor air quality leads you to suspect that ductwork needs to be cleaned.

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