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How to Select a New Furnace

Select the right furnace for your home

How do you select the right furnace for your home? There are several important considerations involved.

You can’t escape it: Wisconsin winters take a huge toll on your heating system as well as spiking your energy costs. Operating an old, worn out, inefficient furnace results in significantly higher heating costs, wasted fuel, and a higher rate of furnace pollution.

There are several factors to consider in selecting a new furnace.

Start with the condition of your home
Where are the areas where there’s possible heat loss? Drafts? Has a remodeling project altered the overall square footage, placing extra demand on heating equipment? Likewise, an over-sized furnace costs substantially more to operate because it typically cycles on and off more, putting more wear on its components and increasing operating costs.
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The Importance of a Furnace Tune-Up

It's important to get regular tune-ups for your furnace

It's important to get regular tune-ups for your furnace. Learn the basics of what's needed.

Many Wisconsin homeowners schedule an annual furnace tune-up to ensure their heating systems will run at maximum efficiency during the cold winter months. Operating a dirty furnace or boiler can cause future damage and shorten equipment life span by up to 10 years—not to mention running the risk of inconvenient, emergency breakdowns in the dead of winter.

Symptoms of a Dirty Furnace
If you’ve lived in your house a few years, you are probably familiar with the comfort levels your heating system normally provides. You should schedule a tune-up if you notice any of the following anomalies:

  • Certain duct or heat registers don’t heat as efficiently;
  • Your gas bill is higher than normal;
  • Indoor air quality leads you to suspect that ductwork needs to be cleaned.

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Heating and Cooling Maintenance Tips

Your furnace and AC units need regular maintenance

Your furnace and AC units need regular maintenance. Do you know what needs to be done?

Have your  furnace and A/C maintained yearly. Like a car, a furnace and/or A/C is full of moving parts that need to be serviced. Newer furnaces condense water internally, making it critical to flush/clean the internal hose assembly to avoid water backup, which leads to costly repairs. Burner service is also critical to avoid de-rating a furnace’s efficiency and keep the furnace running safely.

The cleaning of the A/C coil is important because when the coils start plugging up, pressure builds up in the system, causing a refrigerant leak.

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The Value of Service and Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance and service agreements are a valuable part of home equipment purchases.

Responsible homeowners handle upkeep of their heating and cooling systems by setting up maintenance and service contracts with a reputable HVAC contractor. Climate extremes like those in Wisconsin make it imperative to ensure proper functioning of home heating and cooling equipment, especially during long winter months.

Yet although homeowners understand the necessity for periodic maintenance, they know less about how their heating and cooling systems operate than how their automobiles work. In addition, newer furnace models have more complicated components that aren’t easy to comprehend. That means any homeowner who is a self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfer can no longer tackle furnace maintenance. Continue reading